SOM Group of Companies

Quest to soar higher

SOM Group is one of India’s foremost companies with an exceptional portfolio of brands across the spectrum of Spirits, Beer, Alcopop. Established more than three decades ago by Mr J.K Arora, SOM’s mission has been to deliver value-added high-quality products and it will continue to do so in the years to come.

Quest to inspire

SOM has always been focused on creating great quality products. Its continuous effort in achieving the same resulted in the creation of many first-of-its-kind brands that have opened up the Indian market for these products. From its introduction of a strong beer that is also smooth, to a rum with natural extracts, ready to drink to a filtered wheat beer; SOM has created a niche available at effective pricing for its consumers. Som always believes in giving the top class brands in customer-friendly prices. The New Product development to ensure customer needs is always the priority of the company. This not only let SOM drive a change in the alcohol industry, but also played a huge role in setting SOM a league apart.

The group vision

Strive to establish SOM as a world-class distillery and brewery that persistently offers great products at efficient prices for consumers. SOM is inclined towards continuous evolution of brands that are synonymous to progress and distinction.

The group mission

SOM’s mission is consumer-centricity, quality, and evolution. Bound to be a socially responsible corporate, SOM believes in conducting business with the highest moral standards, offering only the finest at competitive prices to patrons.

Evolution of SOM

Quest for finer spirits

SOM started out as a white label-bottling unit in the mid ‘80s. From its humble beginnings in one location, SOM has grown to be a successful company situated at multiple locations. SOM is India’s first company to own a portfolio of spirits, beers, ready to drink along with Rectified Spirits (RS), and Ethyl Neutral Alcohol (ENA). SOM’s flagship brand Hunter is a forerunner in the strong beer category. Its strong yet smooth taste not only made it one of the consumers’ favourites but also helped SOM make a mark in the industry. Its other brand in the light beer category - Woodpecker - is a handcrafted and filtered Wheat Beer available on Tabs, Glass Bottle and Can. The Pentagon Gold Edition Whisky, Milestone Blue and Legend Premium Whisky, White Fox Vodka, Milestone Brandy, Pentagon Rum and Black fort Rum are some of the brands which are well accepted by different states customers.

SOM is consistent in maintaining its quality standards in creating innovative products. This effort has won SOM an ever-increasing customer base and global reach. In this competitive environment, SOM’s growth curve tells a lot about its contribution and wide acceptance.