Hunter Strong Premium Beer

For the Evening Lovers

We pride ourselves on brewing the beers that we like to drink and like our taste, this is always evolving. These special releases are a reflection of our drive to branch out, break convention, and celebrate the art of brewing. Fitting to its name, we pull out special recipes for special times of the year and seek special ingredients for certain yearly releases to create odd beers for odd years.

Hunter Beer

Hunter Strong Premium Beer

SOM’s growth has been driven by the success of Hunter Beer. Brewed with malts from Argentina and Chile and German hops, Hunter’s strong and smooth taste has made it a brand for the new generation of strong beer lovers. It stands true to its promise of being a drink for the strong man who wants to feel refreshed during his after hours.

Available variants
  • Hunter Beer Bottle
  • 650 ml, 330 ml
  • Hunter Beer Can
  • 500ml, 330 ml